# W 159 A – B Schenck SLD 4385DX Dust Cover Frames
# W 160 Schenck Screen SLD 4385DX  x 3 off DF604 Refurb Exciters# W 160 Schenck SLD 4385DX- 3 x DF604 Refurb Exciters Feed End View# W 160Schenck Screen SLD 4385DX - 3 x DF604 Refurb Exciters# W 160Schenck SLD 4385DX Discharge Area# W 162 Schenck SLD 4385DX Support Frame

Schenck D/Deck Screen

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Product Description

Product Details: Schenck D/Deck Screen SLD 4385 DX (2012) with Dust Covers, Live Mounting Frame, Top Deck Rectangle Rubber Mats Fitted
Inventory ID: K# 159 A-B/160/161
Manufacturer: Schenck
Condition: New/Refurbished
Quantity: 1
Location: Bibra Lake Perth Western Australia
Information: Schenck D/Deck Screen SLD 4385 DX (2012)(New) Fitted with Schenck DF6045 Drives (Re Furbished)
Live Support Frame/Springs (New) Dust Cover Frame Works(New) Top Deck Rubber Mats Fitted (New)
Further details are available by sending an email to sales@crushing.com.au