Abon Primary Sizer Model11-300CCTD Yr 2008 With 2 x 250KW Drives Gear Boxes & Fluid Couplings (12)

Abon (F.L SMIDTH) Primary Sizer

Product Description

Product Details: Abon (F.L SMIDTH)
Inventory ID: K# 649
Manufacturer: CSI
Condition: Used
Quantity: 1
Location: Kwinana Western Australia
Information: Abon (F.L SMIDTH) Primary Sizer Twin Drive 2 x 250kw 4P Motors 355L/M Frame 2 x Fluid Couplings (1 per Drive) 2 x Abon Gearboxes NU KW 250/4
Serial Numbers 08/250/4/35 & Serial Numbers 08/250/4/36
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